Is UV protection on glasses necessary

In our previous post we learned about anti glare lenses and their benefits. In this article we talk about Ultraviolet Ray protection or simply put UV protective lenses on glasses and they are worth it.

What is the difference between UV lenses and normal lenses?

UV protective lenses are either glass or plastic lenses with a special coating on them to prevent the passage of UV rays into your eyes.

Using a UV light or black light pointer, you can see the difference between standard or antiglare lenses versus UV protective lenses. The standard lens has almost all the blue tinted light passing through it while the UV protective lens has no blue light appearing on the other side.

Why should you use UV protective lenses?

In our era, we have high and long term exposure to screens. These include cellphones, TVs and computer monitors.

Although screen technology has transitioned to ray free screens, we still spend many hours of our day looking at bright screens with high luminosity. Whether you are working behind a computer in your office, or reading this article, or playing video games, you are subjecting your eyes to ultraviolet rays.

You wont go blind, but long term exposure can still have negative effects on your vision. You may have experienced strains, watery eyes, dryness, or fatigue in general from too much screen time. That’s where UV protection lenses come in.

Is UV or blue light protection on glasses Worth it

Wearing glasses with UV protection lenses would help reduce the strain on your eyes caused by screen exposure. If you’re the type who spends long hours behind a screen then its worth paying for the UV protection. If you don’t have such needs, then anti glare lenses are good enough and cheaper too.

Consider using unbreakable polycarbonate lenses if you wear glasses while playing sports.