Voyage d hermes – pour homme or pour femme

Voyage d Hermes, a relatively newer perfume by Hermes Paris, has caused confusion among those who received it as a gift. Is it for men (pour homes) or for women (pour femme).

Voyage d hermes unisex fragrance

With no indication on the box, the only workaround is to assess the fragrance.

It smells citrusy, or in plainer words, like lemon.

Hermes Perfume Box
Hermes logo on the box

When worn by a man, he might be asked “are you wearing ladies perfume?”

When worn by a woman, she might be complimented on her fragrance.

That does not conclude that it is exclusively for men or for women.

The verdict is however that Voyage d Hermes is a unisex fragrance that can be worn by men or women. While citrusy or lemony, the scent is rather neutral.

Voyage d Hermes Bottle

The bottle is interesting, as it should be for such items. Its a combination of metal, probably stainless steel, and glass, with a swivel holding the metal and glass part together. The steel part is the base of the bottle while the glass part is the container. When upside down, the perfume bottle is closed, Similarly, the bottle is open when the glass part is upright. The nozzle of the bottle can also be screwed off for refilling purposes.

The real success of Voyage d Hermes is that its neither over powering nor offensive. It just smells good and can be used for any given occasion; Weddings, dates, casual hangouts, or even professional environments. Due to it being unisex, it can be shared with a person of the opposite sex in case they require a perfume to wear but do not have one for themselves.


Voyage d Hermes is a mild unisex fragrance that can be used for any given situation. The bottle is decent with a swivel style open and close mechanism, although it is always open.

Works great as a gift or for personal usage.

Watch this video of an unboxing and demo of the Voyage d Hermes fragrance.

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