Sharing WiFi between your apple devices makes it convenient for connecting all your ios devices or a friends iphone to your Wi-Fi network. Here’s how to share wifi from iPhone to iPad.

How do I share WiFi from iPhone to iPad?

How near should apple devices be for Wi-Fi sharing

Wifi Sharing happens almost automatically when two apple devices are near each other. Near means near. Like in the same room. Not like in a different city.

Turn on WiFi on both the iPhone and iPad

For wi-fi sharing, the wifi needs to be turned on for both the sharing and caring devices.

After selecting the correct Wi-Fi network, the device trying to connect asks for a password.

Open Wifi Settings on the Sharing Apple Device

A big request appears asking if you want to share the Wi-Fi password with the want-to-connect device. Hit the “Share Password” button. If you did this correctly, a success notice appears.

The other device is now connected to the shared Wi-fi Network.

Then turn off both devices.

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