Book Review: The Richest Man in Babylon By George Samuel Clason

A short sweet and simple book offering wells of wisdom and guidance to wealth management from the Babylonian times to present day and times to come. This wisdom is relevant and beneficial to all mankind irrespective of their means of livelihood and position in society, if only they would read the book.

The author skillfully narrates the history of Babylon and its vibrant civilization having unmatched infrastructure in building the city, harnessing its agricultural potential and impenetrable defence mechanism of high walls and gates. A series of interconnected short stories within Babylonian settings (as backed by archaeological discoveries) provide the foundation for building wealth, managing it and multiplying Basically, the stories provides simple tips of finding true passion in earning livelihood, working hard at it, managing your finances, avoiding temptations for gambling and windfall riches, investing the surplus with advice from an expert can do wonders to wonders to building a fortune. 

The guidance and tips may seem all too familiar and common sense to a finance wizard. But common sense is indeed uncommon. The book is relevant in the modern context for all age groups. From children and students receiving pocket money to pensioners can put the tips into practice for better days to come. 

The author is commended for his vivid imagination and clever story-telling to keep the reader immersed and fascinated with its accurate depiction and everlasting relevance. The attachments in Appendices are a further testimonies of the timeless utility of this wisdom in relieving people from debts and living a life with dignity and adequate means. 

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