PEC EPE Exam Engineering Hydrology MCQ Questions

PEC EPE Exam Engineering Hydrology MCQ Questions

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    What does the Rational Method in hydrology estimate?

    a) Peak discharge of a river

    b) Rainfall intensity

    c) Infiltration rate

    d) Groundwater flow velocity

    Answer: b

    The term “Return Period” in hydrology refers to:

    a) Time interval between two floods

    b) Time taken for a river to return to its baseflow level

    c) Average duration of rainfall

    d) Average time between occurrences of a certain magnitude flood

    Answer: d

    Which hydrological cycle component involves the movement of water vapor from the Earth’s surface to the atmosphere?

    a) Evaporation

    b) Precipitation

    c) Infiltration

    d) Runoff

    Answer: a

    What is the main purpose of a hydrograph?

    a) Measuring groundwater levels

    b) Monitoring reservoir capacity

    c) Showing the relationship between rainfall and runoff over time

    d) Calculating irrigation demand

    Answer: c

    The Soil Conservation Service Curve Number (SCS-CN) method is used for:

    a) Calculating groundwater flow rates

    b) Estimating peak discharge

    c) Determining stormwater runoff

    d) Measuring river sediment load

    Answer: c

    The Horton’s Law is related to:

    a) Groundwater flow modeling

    b) Soil erosion prediction

    c) Rainfall intensity-duration relationship

    d) Snowmelt estimation

    Answer: c

    The relationship between infiltration rate and cumulative infiltration is often represented by:

    a) Horton’s equation

    b) Darcy’s law

    c) The HEC-RAS model

    d) The Rational Method equation

    Answer: a

    The unit hydrograph theory assumes that:

    a) Rainfall is uniform over the catchment

    b) Infiltration is negligible

    c) Storm duration is infinite

    d) Baseflow is the main contributor to peak discharge

    Answer: a

    Which of the following methods is used for flood frequency analysis?

    a) Rational Method

    b) Soil Conservation Service method

    c) Gumbel’s method

    d) SCS-CN method

    Answer: c

    The Rational Method equation (Q = CiA) calculates:

    a) Evaporation rate

    b) Infiltration rate

    c) Peak discharge

    d) Baseflow rate

    Answer: c