Pink Squash Rackets

Pink squash rackets are quite rare to find but the demand is quite real. Manufacturers should always have a pink variant of their best selling rackets and retailers should always carry a pink product for buyers like us.

While the options are limited, lets take a look at what pink rackets actually exist for squash.

Head Graphene Touch Speed 120L

Okay, its purple, but its the closest thing I could find to a pink squash racket by Head. It definitely has some hot pink accents though which give it a nice cosmetic.

This is actually a decent racket to play with as well. A bit on the head heavy side, the frame weights about 120 grams and has a lot of power. It also comes with a decent Head Reflex Squash string in black color.

Prince Team Pink 700 and Prince Vortex

Prince has been silent for a while now in terms of bringing out new rackets for Squash. For a long time, they supplied the Team Pink model which even came with pink squash string!

In recent times though, Prince released a new line of squash rackets namely the Vortex, Venom, and Pheonix. I have a feeling though that this is just the same old stuff endorsed by Ramy Ashour and Camile Serme with a new paint job. Among these however, the Prince Vortex Pro Squash Racquet has some pink accents that contrast well with the blue and black and would be my pick.

Good luck finding Camille Serme’s Custom pink Prince squash racket.

Harrow Stealth Camo

This is probably the coolest looking squash racket ever made. Its obviously pink and has some blue camo livery all over it. Definitely a keeper if you see one.

Harrow Vapor Misfit

Harrow continuously updates the paint job on our favourite squash racquets every few years for a fresh look. Out of the high performance rackets, the Harrow Vapor got a new paint job: an awesome black and pink. It has an attitude, especially with that skull at the through staring down at your opponent.

Harrow Meta

For those who prefer the teardrop shape, Harrow has made their Meta model available in a retro cyberpunk looking pink and blue cosmetic. This is an ultra light and slim frame coming in at only 115 grams.

Eye Rackets V Lite 110

The Eye squash rackets are relatively new to the scene, but they get the importance of having a pink racket. The V lite 110 is another super light teardrop shaped squash racket that available in a pink black and white colour scheme. It looks great, and its endorsed by the likes of Paul Coll and Joey Barrington.

Tecnifibre 130 Suprem Ruby

This is an ultra rare squash racket by tecnifibre as the default livery was a green white and black. This design was a signature model and has a gothic touch to it. Keep your eyes open for this one. I hope tecnifibre comes up with an update for this squash racket sometime soon.

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