How can I remove background from a picture iPad?

Its easy to remove a background from a picture or make its background transparent from your iPhone or iPad device.

How to make background transparent on iPad

Use the Keynote App

You need the Keynote app, which usually comes pre-installed on your apple device. If you don’t have it, you can download from the App store.

While the keynote app is essentially Apple’s PowerPoint and meant for making presentations, it has some cool image editing tools. Continue reading to see how to remove the background from a picture in Keynote using your iPad.

First, open a blank presentation in Keynote

Insert the photo you want to remove the background from. For this demo we will be using a picture of a chicken. This the same chicken from the Chicken TV Youtube Channel.

remove background iphone

Instant Alpha Tool to remove Background

Next, tap on that paint brush to format the image. Tap on “instant alpha

remove background ipad

Now you can drag your finger on the background portions you want to remove. The more area you select, the more the background disappears.

Go a little bit at a time to avoid erasing the part you want to keep. If you mess up you can always tap undo. You can even reset the image to its original state.

How can I remove background from a picture iPad?

Zoom in and get all the stray bits.

Once your done, tap Done.

transparent background image ipad

Background has now been removed from the picture

Now the image of the chicken has a transparent or removed background and we can overlay it on another background.

Now we have a giant chicken crossing the road.

How can I remove background from a picture iPad?

An image with a less noisy background is easier to remove or make transparent on the ipad or iphone.

Try it for yourself.

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