Does Smoking Affect Stamina: Cigarettes, Vaping, Shisha, Nicotine

Smoking has long been recognized as a detriment to overall health, and its affect on stamina is the most obvious evidence for this. In this article, we delve into the effects of smoking on squash, and also look at vaping, cigars, weed, and alternative methods of nicotine consumption. Squash is a game of fitness and stamina, and smoking is therefore dumbest thing one can do as a squash player.

Can athletes smoke Cigarettes

As most smokers start with cigarettes, we too shall start this article with this infamous product.

The problem with cigarettes is that the smoke inhaled contains large quantities of tiny micro solid particles that do not leave the body when the smoke is exhaled. It just stays and keeps collecting in the lungs, clogging up the airways. After smoking a single cigarette, the lung capacity substantially reduces and a player would find themselves painfully exhausted after a short duration of play. Those who smoke several sticks a day can only survive on court by playing extremely accurate shots and not moving much, but that’s just impossible.

All that court training goes into the negative after smoking. This is similar to eating a bucket of ice cream after an intense weight loss session at the gym. Over the long term, a smoker squash player may never go beyond club level. It would take weeks of continuous play to clear up the lungs for someone who has just quit.

Is smoking E-Cigs or Vaping bad for Stamina (VO2 max)

Well yes, but no where near as bad as cigarettes.

One good thing about vaping is that the ‘vapor’ does not contain those solid particles that clog up the lungs with continued use. Therefore, the effect on stamina is substantially lower than that of cigarettes. However, there is still a wet substance being condensed along the airways, and a reduction in stamina is noticeable. A good squash warm up could clear it up pretty quickly. But if a player is not regular and vapes more than they play, they will find their stamina significantly reduced every time they come back on court. That said, it is still easier to get back up to speed from vaping than from cigarettes.

A study published by Cerdaville University revealed that athletes who vaped experienced a decline in their VO2 max. VO2 max is a measure of aerobic capacity and endurance. This decline directly affects sports stamina, making it more challenging to sustain intense physical activity for extended periods. Recall the endurance routine for improving your squash fitness.

So can a vaper / vaporer / vapist ever become a pro squash player? lol. no.

Does smoking Shisha reduce stamina

Shisha uses charcoal to heat tobacco without burning it, and Modern shisha flavors are glycerin based. Therefore the “smoke” produced is similar to the vapor consumed while vaping. The overall impact on stamina should in that case be the same as for vaping.

However, a hookah session does go on for at least an hour of continuous smoking, so the amount of vapor being consumed is a lot more than that of a typical e-cig or vaping device. In conclusion, shisha is ‘better’ than cigarettes, but worse than vaping for fitness.

Does Smoking Cigars affect Stamina

Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoys his Cigars, so why can’t other athletes? For one, he can do whatever he wants. Secondly, he’s retired.

The best part about cigars is that their smoke is never inhaled (unless the user is stupid). Therefore there is nothing entering the lungs. By that logic, there should be no effect on stamina. BUT, there is still some passive inhalation going on with the smoke coming from the cigar and the second hand smoke being blown out.

The overall effect of smoking cigars on stamina may be negligible but not zero. Therefore, perhaps consider taking up cigar smoking after you retire from professional squash.

Does Smoking Marijuana / Weed affect Stamina

How weed impacts an athlete’s stamina depends on how its consumed. If smoked from a paper wrapped joint, the effects would be no different than those of cigarettes. If vaped, then the effect of stamina would be the same as of vaping. Stamina should not be affected if marijuana is eaten or drank.

That said, cannabis tends to slow one down in terms of body and mind function, impacting coordination, focus, and reaction time. So even if one is ok in the stamina and fitness department, they would have to wait till all the THC leaves their body in order to stop being lazy and regain their agility and reflexes.

The use of marijuana also has legal and ethical implications for athletes participating in organized sports competitions. More than 700 sports boards and organizations worldwide have banned marijuana use among athletes. However, in recent years, the regulation of marijuana use has become more lenient in some contexts, with certain sports leagues like the NBA reducing punishments for athletes who test positive for marijuana use, and others refraining from testing players for this substance altogether.

Nicotine and Stamina

In addition to smoking and vaping, there are alternative methods of nicotine consumption, such as patches and gums. While these methods can provide nicotine without the harmful chemicals associated with smoking, their impact on sports stamina may vary.

Nicotine patches and gums offer a controlled release of nicotine, reducing the risk of immediate negative effects on sports stamina. However, nicotine itself causes constriction of the blood vessels which reduces oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles. This can lead to an earlier onset of muscle fatigue and reduced overall performance, which is particularly detrimental in physically demanding sports like squash.

Is smoking bad for Squash players and other Athletes?

When comparing vaping to other traditional smoking methods such as shisha, cigars, and cigarettes, it is acknowledged that all forms of smoking pose health risks. However, the composition of each product differs, hence resulting in varied health impacts.

The combination of extreme endurance required in sports like squash and the habit of smoking cigarettes can be a deadly. The detrimental effects of cigarette smoking on sports stamina are well-documented, with athletes experiencing decreased lung capacity and endurance. A study published in the American Journal of Medicine conducted on 21 squash players showed that the game caused the heart to beat at 80% of its maximum capacity throughout the session. Moreover, 7 out of the 21 participants in the study exhibited irregular heartbeats during and after the game.

For squash players optimizing their performance on the court, a smoke-free and nicotine-free lifestyle is highly recommended. By avoiding smoking, vaping, and other narcotics, athletes can prioritize their well-being, maintain their stamina, and excel in the sport.

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