Can I return Macbook after opening?

I decided to return my base M2 MacBook Air and learned I can within apple’s 15-day return period, even after opening the box.

The return process was simple:

  • Pack up the laptop into the box along with the charger and that magsafe cable. And the stickers etc.,
  • Find the receipt. Either the printed form or that in the email.
  • Take your ‘like brand new condition’ computer to the apple store.
  • The apple store people will hard reset your M2 MBA Air.
  • Remove the device from your “find my” app.
  • Then they process your refund. Use the same card you did the purchase with.

Process time: a quick 5-10 mins.

Why buy a 2022 M2 MacBook Air in 2023?

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After checking several M1 Air vs M2 Air reviews, I went for the new look, better display, and the magsafe M2 base MBA 8GB/256GB . However, the base 2020 M1 air could be a better deal in 2023 with these confusing prices by apple.

How much memory does a base model MacBook Air come with?

Purchase decision

Previously I had an iPad which I used for reading, casual work (browsing, emails, spreadsheets, presentations, writing this),and light creativity. Light creative means photo and video editing (but not like 4K video), GarageBand, and not all at the same time. Check out the beyond nothing YouTube channel.

To replace and upgrade my previous portable device, I thought a MacBook Air would make sense.

The 2022 M2 Air being a reliable, capable, and portable laptop with a keyboard not sold separately seemed to fit my use-case.

The M2 MBA experience


In the 5-6 days I had it, I used it for all the tasks I mentioned here, and more. Everything worked great.

Something was off though…

Why did I return the M2 Air

Portability: easy to carry and store, but not as easy to use in a car or plane when you just feel like reading.

Suddenly you need a lot of stuff you thought you would never need. For example: USB-C adapter Hub, And a hard shell case.

And then i realised! I am still able to do what I need to do with an iPad. So why did i get a MacBook in the first place?

I returned my M2 Macbook Air.

Now I carry a 9th Generation iPad around in a M2 Macbook Air Laptop Sleeve.

Side thought:

M2 Air midnight or space Grey?

Space grey over midnight; and not because of the look, tradition, fingerprints, ageing ,or resale considerations. The real problem with midnight is that it’s not black.

how much storage you really get with a base model M2 Air?