Can you take good photos with an iPad?

In a world where smartphones are the de facto choice for snapping photos and recording videos, using an iPad for these purposes often raises eyebrows and elicits whispers of disapproval.

Reality Check: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using an iPad to capture life’s moments. Lets address the stereotype and social norms that have labeled this practice as “weird.”

The iPad camera is more than a document scanner

The iPad’s back camera is no less of a camera than the one on your smartphone. Although perceived as an afterthought, primarily designed for document scanning and augmented reality, it’s a fully capable camera with its own set of benefits.

It does however face criticism for a few reasons:

Awkward Handling: Using an iPad as a camera can be unwieldy, leading to shaky shots.

Size and form factor: iPads are much larger than smartphones and can obstruct others’ views at events.

Stereotypes: Some people associate using iPads for photography with tourists or older generations who might not be as familiar with the latest technology trends.

Taking pictures with ipad
Whats the point of the iPad back camera if its wrong to take pictures with it

The real truth is that haters gonna hate and these arguments are superiority complexes. If we approach the subject with practically and logic, we realize that It’s perfectly okay, even preferable, to use an iPad for photography, except for at events.

Can you take good photos with an iPad?

Quality Matters, Not the Device: The primary concern when it comes to photography should be the quality of the photos, not the device used. iPads, especially the newer models, are equipped with capable cameras that can capture high-resolution and detailed images. In fact, they often share similar camera technology with some smartphones. So, the argument that iPads are incapable of taking good photos is unfounded. In the quality department, this device can deliver.

Larger Screen for Better Composition: The iPad’s larger screen can be an advantage for photography. It offers a more extensive viewfinder, making it easier to compose shots and adjust settings. This can lead to better-framed photos with attention to detail. It also allows for a more immersive photo editing experience.

Creativity Knows No Bounds: Creativity should be unrestricted by the device we use. Photography is an art form, and every artist chooses their own canvas. Some may find the iPad’s size and capabilities more conducive to their creative vision.

Built-in Editing Tools: iPads come equipped with powerful photo and video editing apps which can streamline your post-processing workflow. Why should one go through the extra step of taking a photo with a phone and airdropping it to the iPad for post-processing?

Beyond the Lens: Everyone’s Right to Preference

At the heart of photography is the act of capturing moments and preserving memories. It’s a personal endeavor, and the important thing is to choose the device that suits your style and needs, not societal norms or stereotypes.

The iPad back camera is a legitimate photography tool with unique advantages. It’s not weird; it’s just another canvas for capturing memories and expressing creativity. One just has to be considerate enough to not block views at events.