Top Rated Sports Shops in Upper Manhattan

Discover Upper Manhattan’s premier sports shops, each offering a diverse array of quality products and exceptional service. Google ratings provide additional insights into customer satisfaction. Remember, ratings may change, so check recent reviews before planning your visit. For more options in your local area, use the search tool below with your specific location.

Ballpark Sports Shop Inc.

Rating: 5 stars

Address: 850 River Ave, Bronx

Renowned for its extensive inventory and customer-centric approach, Ballpark Sports Shop Inc. caters to baseball enthusiasts with a wide range of equipment, jerseys, and accessories.

Adi & Edi Sportswear

Rating: 4.9 stars

Address: 7014 Park Ave, Guttenberg

Synonymous with top-tier athletic wear, Adi & Edi Sportswear offers premium sportswear including high-performance sneakers, moisture-wicking apparel, and stylish accessories.

Peligro Sports

Rating: 4.7 stars

Address: 2200 Amsterdam Ave, New York

Peligro Sports is celebrated for its commitment to high-quality sports gear and personalized service, offering everything from basketballs and soccer cleats to fitness equipment and apparel.

Bergen Sporting Goods

Rating: 4.7 stars

Address: 649 Bergen Blvd, Ridgefield

A local gem, Bergen Sporting Goods provides friendly service and quality sports equipment for various sports including baseball, soccer, and tennis.

Super Runners Shop

Rating: 4.6 stars

Address: 395 Amsterdam Ave, New York

Super Runners Shop offers a curated selection of running shoes, apparel, GPS watches, and accessories tailored for running enthusiasts.

Iman Sports Wear

Rating: 4.6 stars

Address: 3377 Broadway, New York

Iman Sports Wear is a one-stop-shop for sports fashion, offering stylish athletic wear including graphic tees, performance leggings, and sporty accessories.

Gol Latino

Rating: 4.4 stars

Address: 2326 Grand Concourse, Bronx

Specializing in soccer gear, Gol Latino provides authentic jerseys, premium soccer balls, and training gear for fans of the beautiful game.

Frank’s Sports Shop

Rating: 4.3 stars

Address: 430 E Tremont Ave, Bronx

Frank’s Sports Shop offers an extensive selection of sports equipment and apparel for various sports enthusiasts.

Champs Sports

Rating: 4.2 stars

Address: 208 W 125th St #208, New York

Champs Sports is a leading destination for sports fashion and footwear, providing a diverse collection of athletic apparel and footwear.

Acelo Sportswear

Rating: 4.1 stars

Address: New York

Acelo Sportswear offers trendy and functional athletic wear for urban athletes, including graphic hoodies, joggers, and versatile sneakers.

Embark on a personalized sports shopping journey by exploring these top-rated sports shops in Upper Manhattan. Use the search tool below for more options tailored to your specific location. Enjoy your sporting experience in style and comfort!

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