Sports shop in DHA Lahore

Sports doesn’t seem to be a big thing amongst the DHA Community of Lahore. As a result, there are only a handful of stores in DHA Lahore that carry sporting goods. In this short post we highlight our favorite sports shop in DHA Lahore.

Sports shop DHA Lahore

This shop is called The Sports Company and its located in H Block DHA Phase 1 Lahore. In the street where there is a Gourmet and Shaibi Paan Shop, opposite ToyLand. Refer to the map below.

Why is this shop great

Customer Service

Any business with great customer service is only going to get better. These people have excellent customer service and provide all the assistance you need whether you are just browsing or searching for something specific.

They are also ready to order custom product for you from their sources if there is something unusual you are looking for. For example a squash racket that you cannot find anywhere in the market. If they don’t carry it, they will order it for you, which is a great facility.

Product Inventory

The shop is divided into three floors. The top floor has some athletic clothing and swimming gear. The ground floor has a large collection of athletic wear, carrying shirts, shorts, suits, hats, socks of nike, adidas, reebok, under armor, and any other athletic brand you can think of.

The basement is my favorite place, where they have stocked all sorts of sporting equipment. Here is a list of some of the stuff they have:


The best service they provide is racket stringing services, along with the great variety of string they carry. They also use a professional electronic stringing machine to make sure your tension requirements are accurate. Racket return time is 24 hours.

DHA sports

Do drop by sometime and explore The Sports Company shop in H block DHA Lahore Phase 1. Its a worth seeing place if you are a squash or tennis player.

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