Print note as pdf on iphone or ipad

Sometimes you open notes on your iphone or ipad to make a quick note, but end up composing it to the point that it can be saved as as a legit document. The best format to save such notes are pdf, which can actually be done through the notes app in your iphone. Simply follow the steps below to see how you can print a note as pdf on your iphone or ipad and share it with your fiends, family, colleagues, and other acquaintances. An extensive article on printing anything on your iPad or iPhone and a lot of the steps are similar. If you feel like reading that one instead, click here.

Step 1: Open Notes and Create a new note

You can either long press the notes app icon on your home screen and tap New note, or you can open notes and Tap on the new note option to start composing.

Print note as pdf iphone
open notes

Step 2: Write down the note that you want to print as pdf

Start writing. Just like I have done in the below example. I have composed a quick note and now I am ready to print it as a pdf. Once you are done composing, tap on the options icon you see at the top left of you screen. The ellipses next to the “done”.

Print note as pdf iphone
Create your notes document which you want to export to pdf

Step 3: Select Send a Copy

When the menu for the options pops us, select Send a copy to view your export options. The Share button is the one that looks like a box with an arrow pointing up.

Print note as pdf iphone
Tap on Send a copy

Step 4: Select the Print option

To print your note to pdf on your iphone or ipad you literally have to select the print option.

select print option to print note as pdf iphone
Select the print option

Step 5: The most important part

After selecting the print option, you will be presented with a print preview of your note. Use your fingers to zoom into the document till it fills the entire screen. Refer to the GIF below to see how its done.

Print note to pdf iphone or ipad
How to zoom into the print preview to convert to pdf

Step 6: Share your Printed PDF note

Your PDF note is now ready. Tap on the share button at the top right of the screen to view your options. Notice how the file extension says PDF Document under its file name, which happens to be the same as the title you set for your note. Now you can save it to your icloud drive, email it, whatsapp it, or even airdrop it to someone.

I hope this article helped you with printing your note to pdf on your iphone or ipad. For more information, check out the youtube video we made to demonstrate this process. In the same way we have made tutorials for pages, emails, webpages, and photos, so that you can convert anything you want to PDF with ease. Click on any of the links below:

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