Squash Aces Its Way to the Olympics: LA2028 to welcome a New Racket Sport

In a thrilling turn of events, squash, a racket sport with a rich history and a growing fan base, is set to make its Olympic debut at the Los Angeles 2028 Summer Games. This announcement marks a significant moment for squash enthusiasts, players, and the sporting world as a whole. Let’s dive into the exciting journey of squash’s inclusion in the Olympics and what it means for the sport.

A Historic Milestone for Squash

Squash, a sport with a long and storied history dating back to the 19th century, has been on the cusp of Olympic inclusion for many years. The dynamic gameplay, fast-paced rallies, and exceptional skill required to excel in squash have long drawn comparisons to established Olympic sports like tennis and table tennis. The decision to include squash in the LA 2028 Olympics has been widely celebrated within the squash community as a historic milestone.

The Road to Inclusion

The journey towards Olympic inclusion for squash was marked by several years of relentless effort and advocacy. Squash organizations, athletes, and enthusiasts globally have been pushing for this recognition for decades. The sport’s international governing body, the World Squash Federation (WSF), consistently promoted the sport’s Olympic potential, highlighting its universality and adaptability. The tireless efforts have finally paid off, as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognized squash as a valuable addition to the Olympic program.

Squash’s Global Appeal

Squash has grown into a global phenomenon, played in over 185 countries and boasting a vibrant international competitive scene. It’s a sport that transcends borders and cultures, making it a perfect fit for the Olympic stage. Whether you’re playing on a community court, participating in a local tournament, or watching elite athletes compete on the professional circuit, squash’s universal appeal is undeniable. It combines elements of athleticism, strategy, and mental strength, captivating players and spectators alike.

Squash and the LA 2028 Olympics

The inclusion of squash in the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics is a testament to the sport’s increasing popularity and recognition. The LA Games provide a unique opportunity to introduce squash to a new generation of fans and athletes. With state-of-the-art facilities and the world’s top players on display, the sport is poised to dazzle the world on the grandest stage of all. Spectators can expect thrilling matches, incredible displays of skill, and unforgettable moments that will inspire future generations of squash enthusiasts.

Squash’s Olympic Prospects

Squash’s Olympic debut will bring new dimensions to the sport. The Games have a track record of promoting inclusivity and inspiring young athletes, and squash fits this vision perfectly. As the world witnesses the sport’s intensity, sportsmanship, and beauty, we can anticipate a surge in participation, interest, and investment in squash at all levels. The LA 2028 Olympics will likely provide a strong foundation for squash to continue its growth on the world stage.


Squash’s inclusion in the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics is a triumph for the sport and a momentous occasion for athletes, fans, and advocates. It highlights the enduring appeal of squash and its ability to capture the imagination of a global audience. As the world eagerly awaits the first serve and the sound of racquets echoing through Olympic courts, we can be sure that squash will take its rightful place as an Olympic sport, inspiring future champions and uniting the world through the power of sport. The Los Angeles 2028 Olympics will be remembered not only for its athleticism but for the historic moment when squash became an Olympic icon. Get ready to witness a new era in the world of sports – the era of Olympic squash!