can you play squash by yourself?

Mastering Solo Squash: A Guide to Playing Alone

This short guide explores various ways to play squash alone. From essential drills to mental strategies, ensuring that your solo sessions are not only productive but also enjoyable.

Playing squash by yourself can be an incredibly rewarding and effective way to elevate your game. Whether you’re a seasoned player, just starting, or your partner ditched you again, solo sessions are essential for refining your skills, enhance fitness, and enjoy the sport on a personal level.

How to Play Squash by yourself

Solo Drills and Techniques:

Volleying Mastery:

  • Head to the front wall for volley practice. Work on quick reflexes, precise control, and mastering the art of the volley.


Wall Workouts:

  • Utilize the front wall for continuous hitting practice. Concentrate on both power and accuracy, hitting the ball to specific spots on the wall.

Conditioning for Solo Play:

Setting Solo Challenges:

  • Keep things engaging by setting personal challenges during your solo play. Aim for a certain number of accurate shots in a row or perfecting specific shot types.

Video Analysis:

  • Record your solo sessions to review and refine your technique. Identify areas for improvement, adjust your movements, and track your progress over time.

Shot Variety for Dynamic Play:

  • Don’t limit yourself to one type of shot. Experiment with drops, lobs, and boasts to keep your imaginary opponent on their toes.
  • Try learning the corkscrew lob.

Mindful Practice and Strategic Thinking:

Utilize solo sessions as an opportunity to focus on strategy and decision-making. Imagine different game scenarios and work on your shot selection accordingly.

Consistency Is Key:

Regularly incorporate solo squash sessions into your routine. Consistency is crucial for skill development and maintaining overall game performance.

Playing squash by yourself isn’t just about hitting a ball against a wall; it’s a holistic approach to skill improvement, fitness, and mental acuity. By incorporating the various aspects outlined in this guide into your solo sessions, you’ll not only witness tangible improvements but also discover a deeper connection with the game.