Where can I play squash in Toronto?

Toronto offers an array of squash clubs that cater to players of all levels. These clubs boast (ha ha) state-of-the-art facilities and renowned coaching programs, attracting both recreational enthusiasts and professional players. In this article, we explore the top 5 places to play squash in Toronto, where we find pros training and PSA satellite tournaments happening.

Where can I play squash in Toronto?

Toronto Athletic Club:

Nestled in the heart of the city, the Toronto Athletic Club is a mecca for squash enthusiasts. With its modern facilities and a focus on squash excellence, the club boasts multiple courts that cater to players at all skill levels; from beginners to seasoned pros. The club’s vibrant community and regular squash events add to the overall squash experience. Theres also a pro shop where you can string your racket in spot if you know how to use the machine.

Hotel Ten X:

Hotel Ten X Toronto not only provides luxury accommodations but also houses a premier squash club. This upscale establishment offers a remarkable squash facility with top-notch courts and professional coaching staff. Aspiring pros seeking rigorous training and enthusiasts looking for a refined sporting experience will find Hotel Ten X to be an excellent destination. Amr Shabana shows up here every now and then for private lessons. (Him giving lessons not taking). It has also become a popular tournament venue due it several high quality courts.

Mayfair Parkway:

Mayfair Parkway is a squash haven, featuring about 10 courts that accommodate players’ diverse preferences. The club’s dedication to fostering a squash-centric environment has made it a favorite among both casual players and competitive athletes. With its focus on skill development and friendly atmosphere, Mayfair Parkway is a popular choice for players of all ages.

Mayfair Lakeshore:

Overlooking the picturesque waterfront, Mayfair Lakeshore offers a serene setting for squash enthusiasts. The club’s modern courts and comprehensive coaching programs cater to players of all levels, including professionals looking to refine their skills. Players can enjoy challenging matches and participate in various tournaments to further their squash journey. This is a great venue for squash tournaments that occur frequently here.

The Cricket Club:

The Cricket Club, a long-standing institution in Toronto’s squash scene, exudes a rich squash heritage. With its mix of singles and doubles courts, the club caters to traditionalists and doubles squash enthusiasts alike. The Cricket Club’s esteemed coaching programs have attracted top players, making it an excellent platform for aspiring pros to grow their racket skills. It also has a classical culture where players are required to where all white outfits during tournaments hosted here.

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